Natalia Barillari


Natalia is an advocate for mental health and addiction, committed to making a lasting impact on individuals and communities. She possesses a genuine empathy and compassion for individuals facing mental health and addiction challenges, which is reflected in their willingness to listen, support, and uplift those in need.

One of Natalia’s core beliefs is that no two individuals are identical in their mental health or addiction experiences. Recognizing the significance of this diversity, she advocates for a personalized approach to mental health care that takes into account each person’s unique circumstances, histories, and needs. She firmly believes that tailoring treatment plans to the individual can yield more effective outcomes, enabling individuals to navigate the challenges of mental health and addiction with greater success and resilience.

While completing her Honours Bachelors of Science Specializing in Forensic Psychology she worked at a shelter for abused women . She then later graduated from Humber College with Honours earning an Ontario Graduate Certificate in the Addiction and Mental Health program.

Driven by a deep-seated passion for improving the lives of others, Natalia employs a holistic and client-centered approach in her practice. She understands that mental health and addiction are not isolated issues but often interwoven, and as such, she adopts a comprehensive method that addresses the root causes while fostering sustainable recovery.

Natalia Barillari

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