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At Centers for Health and Healing (CFHH) we take your life seriously.

Our addiction treatment program is an holistic program designed around the personalization of our clients’ needs. We know that each and every client have had their own unique experience that brought them through our door. So, we know that our clients require their own unique recovery plan that is based around their own personal self and needs.


Aftercare Program

Facility Manager


Hi, my name is Julia and I am the Facility Manager and Interventionist at CFHH. I have proudly been in the field of mental health and addictions for 5 years now. My studies have focused in addictions counselling, mental health and more specifically personality disorders. Being all too familiar with substance abuse around me, I knew that I had a part to play in helping other people who were struggling. I have dedicated a large portion of my life to exactly that. I enjoy encouraging my staff to be the best versions of themselves and to learn everything they can from this endlessly growing field. CFHH isn’t just a job for me, it’s a passion. I love having the opportunity to work with clients and continuously develop a program that will give them their life back and set them up for success. I am proud to be working with such an incredible group of people who don’t just work here for a job. They work here because they truly care about each individual that walks through our doors. It is a constant reminder there is always help out there, for anyone that goes looking. Whether that is the client themselves, or a family member in need of support.

Addictions Counselor


Hi, my name is Maria and I am a licensed Associate Addictions Counselor. I provide a compassionate, empathetic, and active listening approach to clients who are challenged by mental health and suffer with addiction. I have my Master of Arts in Addiction Counselling, Bachelor of Arts in Addiction Worker Care in psychology, and hold an Addiction Care Workers Diploma. I excel in numerous types of therapies. My strength lies in my "person-centred approach". I am a true professional that strives to provide counselling from an anti-racism and anti-oppression lens to empower my clients. My dedication to the field of Addictions and Mental Health has shown in improvement of my clients' mental health and brought about desired changes in them. I appreciate that personal complexities are results of the trials and tribulations of life and stem from underlying personal and societal issues. I work to tackle these issues by creating trust in my clients. I believe that encouragement of clients to have belief in their strengths result in their triumph.

Addictions Counselor


Hi my name is Savita Pahil. I am an International licensed clinical psychologist and Canadian Certified Counsellor Member, who is skilled in facilitating a warm, empathic and strong therapeutic alliance with clients. I am truly passionate about making a difference. I am passionate for socially responsible practice and driven to work from a pro-feminist, strengths-based, anti-oppression framework while providing evidence-based therapies. I am experienced in working effectively with clients in both individual and group counselling settings. My therapeutic approach is strongly grounded in understanding and using cognition and emotions as mechanism for a long-term and sustainable change. With experience and training in supporting at-risk, emotionally distressed individuals suffering from various issues, such as psychiatric disorders, substance abuse, and serious mental health concerns, my background has prepared me to excel in this capacity. My areas of strength include formulating plans for psychological intervention and psycho-social rehabilitation by using Integrated theoretical approaches and models to treat various mental health problems in adolescents and adults. Moreover, I excel at the following tasks: • In-depth knowledge of addictions and mental health symptoms and issues, along with evidence-based treatment • Knowledge of and ability to apply discipline specific principles and practices to individuals who live with serious addiction and/or mental health challenge, within a client-centred approach • Advanced clinical reasoning and decision-making skills • Educating patients, families and community members about mental health and addiction issues • Collaborating effectively with other community service providers to meet client’s needs and facilitate access to services to best serve the client.

Administration, Instructor and Health & Safety Supervisor


Hi I’m Avery and my role at CFHH is Administration work and Crisis Management. I am also the CFHH teams Health and Safety Supervisor. My strengths in critical thinking and empathetic communication has led from skill to application in the addictions and mental health field. I am extremely passionate about helping all individuals overcome the obstacles that they may face on their journey to recovery.



My name is Amrinder Sidhu. I am a Registered practical Nurse at CFHH. I joined CFHH in February 2020 after working at a LTC facility for about a year. I graduated from Humber College with a Practical Nursing diploma in 2018. I enjoyed working at CFHH because of cooperative staff and stress-free environment. I enjoyed working with addiction and mental health clients as they come from different walks of life and every client has a different perspective. I like the satisfaction of working with clients on a one on one basis and helping them through their tough times. It gives me an opportunity to assist clients with their daily challenges during their program at CFHH. Every client requires different approach to tackle an issue or a problem which challenges Healthcare to come up with new ways. I look forward to advancing my career in the mental health industry.
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