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Premier Addiction Treatment Centres: CFHH

CFHH is a leading luxury rehab center in Toronto, Canada, proudly ranking among the top 2 treatment centers in the city of Vaughan. We’re dedicated to offering a personalized approach to addiction recovery that places your mental health at the heart of the healing process. For us, healing is more than just a process; it’s a promise of a new beginning.

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Centres Located In Kirby Estate and Riverside

All our rehab centers are designed to be a safe, relaxing backdrop for your recovery. A safe, nurturing environment awaits, where your treatment plan is associated with the support of our dedicated team, available to you any time, day or night.

All our centres offer a communal TV lounge that feels like a snug retreat, a fully stocked kitchen, and a dining area that doubles as a gathering spot for sharing meals and milestones. Our outdoor spaces encourage active living and reflection—think gardens for some creative art therapy, basketball, road hockey, and soccer.

Because healing also means eating well, our local chefs and nutritionists are on hand to create unique meal plans that complement your recovery journey.

It’s all set up here for you—a place where your healing is our shared goals.

What we treat

We offer inpatient and outpatient addiction treatment in Toronto

Substance addiction treatment

By employing a strategic and comprehensive approach, blending various therapeutic techniques, and leveraging the extensive knowledge and experience of our staff, we furnish the environment, resources, and tools essential for drug rehab. Typically, treatment involves behaviour therapy and counseling, medication assistance, and community support systems.

Alcohol Addiction Substance Addiction Addiction Treatment Drug & Alcohol Detox Sublocade Program Opioids Addiction Heroin Addiction Ecstasy (MDMA) Addiction Prescription Drugs Addiction

Behavioural addiction treatment

Our behavioural addiction programs have a high success rate, with comprehensive aftercare and support programs to ensure you receive all the support and care you need after completing a program at our centre.

Typically for patients, treatment involves cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), personalized one-on-one therapy sessions, pharmacological interventions, participation in self-help groups, private counseling, and group therapy sessions.

Behavioural Addictions Dual Diagnosis Treatment Sex Addiction Burnout & Stress Treatment Food Addiction Video Game Addiction Borderline Personality Disorder

Mental health / Concurrent disorders

Addiction frequently manifests as a sign of more profound, intricate issues, with trauma often serving as the entry point. Focusing solely on the symptoms of addiction means we’re only tackling a fraction of the issue.

As a result, an integral component of your treatment strategy will be to unearth and confront the deep-seated emotional factors and mental health disorders that may have led you to adopt addiction as a coping mechanism. 

Our approach to mental health is highly effective due to our research-supported methods of delivery, which include personalized one-on-one therapy, intimate small group sessions, cognitive behavioural therapy, family programs, and aftercare equipped with the tools for sustained recovery.

Anxiety Treatment Depression Treatment Aftercare and Support

We are proud to be certified

Research-Based Approach to Addiction And Mental health

At Centres For Health and Healing, we focus on each individual client, using a research-based, highly effective program. Rather than using the typical group-based, 12-step approach, we specialize in personalized intimate mental health treatment.

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5 Star Rating - Centres for Health and Healing

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Exercise is an essential component of the recovery process, and our well-equipped gym offers a safe and controlled environment to engage in physical activity.

Gym Equipment at Kirby Estate
Lake  - Centres for Health and Healing

Everyone’s story is unique, and everyone’s needs are different. Our recovery plans are all personalized, using a combination of therapies and practices to ensure long-term, meaningful sobriety.

Centers For Health and Healing

Addiction treatment in Toronto

At Centres for Health and Healing, we offer a unique, personalized approach to addiction recovery. We base our recovery process on the mental health of the client, not addiction severity and our approach of tailoring treatment to the individual needs of each client contributes to our high success rate.

Addiction Treatment Centre & Private Rehab in Toronto

Centres for Health and Healing operates as a luxury rehab in Toronto. Our addiction therapy and rehab program is cutting-edge, and we focus our approach on the mental health of the client. We believe that good mental health is the key to recovering from an addiction.

At our addiction rehabilitation centre, we develop a personalized treatment program for each client. Everyone is different, so addiction recovery must be tailored to the needs of the individual. 

We work hard to make sure that everyone feels comfortable and safe at our rehabilitation centre. It’s essential to us that Centres for Health and Healing is a safe and secure place for all our clients, inspiring confidence both in them and their families.

If you are interested in our addiction and treatment services and programs, please contact the centre or drop by our clinic in Toronto to find out more. We are proud of our high success rate and would be delighted to provide any further information you may need.

Why Choose CFHH?

Unique approach for greater success

Our recovery programs are designed to offer the highest quality of care and success to each client.

One of the only non 12 Steps approaches to addiction treatment, focusing instead on Mental Health.

We move away from the traditional 12-step method, acknowledging that it sometimes imposes beliefs that may not align with your fundamental values.

Individualized treatment plan

We personalize the entire treatment experience around the individual’s needs, and our mental health approach provides the excellent support required to succeed in recovery.

Embracing the understanding that the power to conquer your addiction lies within you, we recognize that a person facing addiction encompasses two selves: the “Addict Self” and the “Sober Self.”

Our approach aims to diminish the influence of the former by empowering the latter.

Trained staff that will always put you first

Health and healing include good nutrition and education about healthy eating. We hire chefs who prepare and implement a special meal plan designed to work in unison with the recovery needs of our guests.

We hold the conviction that cultivating mindfulness and focusing on mental health treatment is crucial for overcoming addiction.

You’ll discover various spots to relax and connect with nature, from a shaded gazebo by the lake to a wooden jetty perfect for quiet moments.

Serene property for peaceful healing

150 acres of mature gardens, water features, and plenty of space for contemplation.

Indoors, you’ll find a calm atmosphere that feels more like a cozy home than a serious treatment center or facility. The consulting rooms feature warm wooden walls and comforting touches like fireplaces, all filled with natural light. The bedrooms are simple yet welcoming.

Outside, the grounds are lovingly maintained, featuring sprawling green lawns, inviting woodlands, and mature plants – a haven of tranquillity and privacy to help you concentrate on your recovery amidst calming natural beauty.

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Ask us about our services, location, and availability. Our team is here to assist you every step of the way, and we are confident that you will find our impeccable property one of Canada’s very best treatment and recovery facilities. Private treatment is supposed to be an effective and memorable experience. Let us show you the differences our facility and program provide our clients. We are certain that once you see for yourself, you will consider the investment in yourself the best investment you can make.

Mental health issues impact each individual differently.

However, a common theme for those with unresolved trauma and mental health challenges is the destructive coping patterns that many adopt to manage unpleasant feelings and emotions.

These unhelpful coping mechanisms often take the form of substance addiction, where individuals engage in drug or alcohol abuse to cope with stressful life events or past issues.

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