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Treatment approaches

Yes. CFHH offers in-patient programs where clients stay on-site for the whole duration.

CFHH offers 30-day, 45-day, 60-day, and 90-day inpatient programs.

The main benefit is the level of care and supervision provided. With professional support available 24/7 it creates a safe environment for you to step away from the distractions of everyday life and focus on yourself. The intensive therapy and structured schedule hugely reduce the risk of swapping one addiction for another.

CFHH does not follow a standard 12-step program. We specialize in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) – a range of therapeutic techniques and approaches, used to help people manage their problems by changing the way they think, feel and behave. Read more about our range of treatments here.

Yes. CFHH specializes in and offers support for several mental health disorders and diagnoses.

Yes, CFHH supports and specializes in a vast array of substance abuse treatments.

With addiction, it’s likely that patients will experience anxiety, depression and trauma. Obsessive-compulsive behaviour and personality disorders are also common, as well as anger, shame, and bipolar disorder. Therefore, a dual-diagnostic approach is so important.

Yes, CFHH has a full medical detox on-site.

The duration of your detox depends on how severe your level of use has been and what substance you have been using but it normally takes between three and ten days. Each type of detoxification process is unique.

During my stay

All our standard rooms are semi-private but there is an option to have a private room (additional cost pending availability).

Shared accommodation has proven to aid the process of recovery. Processing information, receiving feedback, and learning to break out of isolative patterns is key part of recovery. Sharing a room means that emotional work can continue during evenings and weekends.

Yes. But for the first week we insist on no contact. Following that, your therapist will work with you to determine appropriate parameters. There are exceptions for individuals with young children or pressing job requirements.

We advise that you bring comfortable, casual clothes and flat footwear for therapy sessions. Gym wear is recommended for fitness activities. Please bring all your standard toiletries and personal care products. We provide all towels and bed linen.

We have a designated smoking area.

Throughout the day you will be participating in different types of therapy and group classes. There is designated time for yoga, meditation, physical activities and scheduled personal time. We also have time reserved for family visits, excursions, independent work and general downtime.

Family members play an important role in an individual’s recovery and are usually involved in the process from the very beginning. We offer a complete family care program which is included in all our programs. Families will receive regular updates from the clinical team and are encouraged to call at any time if consent has been given from the client.

After my stay

Yes. All our programs include a full aftercare program. A detailed care plan is developed during your stay including ongoing support and recommendations for when you return home.

People often want to believe that addiction only affects the ‘addict’. However, that’s not true – it affects the entire family. That’s why all our programs include a full family care program.

Fees and payment

The cost is all-inclusive, meaning anything that is part of our program is covered.

No. CFHH is a world-class privately funded program.

Full payment is required either before or on arrival. Payment can be made via bank draft or bank transfer.

No, all programs are non-refundable. If you self-discharge there is an option to complete the remainder of the program at a later date.

Yes, a deposit of $3m000 is required to reserve your space when booking in advance. This will be held as a security deposit and will come off the balance of the program which is due by the time of admission.


We have two centres: Kirby Estate Recovery Centre and Vaughan Recovery Centre. Both are located in Vaughan, Ontario, approximately 4.5 km apart. Kirby Estate is located here and Vaughan here.

Our two treatment centres cater for diverse needs and budgets. The Kirby Estate Recovery Centre is a retreat-style residential rehab facility in a luxury Georgian-style house with 110-acre grounds. Meanwhile, Vaughan Recovery House offers detox and primary care in a relaxed, intimate, homely setting. Set in a quiet, gated community with just 16 beds, we provide a cozy yet affordable, home-from-home feel, with a communal TV lounge/group room, fully equipped kitchen and dining area, gardens and sports.

General queries

Addiction is a common and progressive illness that affects an estimated one in ten people. An addiction may be to a substance (drugs, alcohol), a behaviour (sex, gambling, shopping, relationships, self-harm) or to food (anorexia, bulimia, over-eating).

Addiction is most often rooted in trauma. A situation, event or series of events that were terrifying or overwhelming in nature can see an individual repeatedly turn to a substance or type of behaviour in an attempt to comfort themselves. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work and can lead to a complete loss of self-worth, a breakdown in trust and social isolation.

There are two main reasons: denial, which can be very strong among people with addictions; and social stigma. However, professional help is crucial to recovery.

Usually a lack of support. This is one of the reasons why CFHH places such a high value on aftercare and family care.

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