Christina Protomanni


Christina’s interest in mental health and addiction began when she learned how the brain is wired to focus on the negative. The brain’s tendency to ruminate over the negative and disregard other positive events prompted Christina to study further how negative cognition impacts mental health and addiction. From there, she developed a passion for therapeutic interventions that can rewire negative thoughts into more useful mindsets.

Christina is a graduate of York University with an Honours Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology. Christina also completed a post-graduate program at Humber College earning an Ontario Graduate Certificate in Addictions and Mental Health.

Through volunteer and work experiences, Christina observed that client-centered services that adapt to each client’s unique concerns are an asset to addressing one’s mental health and addiction. Christina uses individualized treatment plans to implement interdisciplinary care reflective of empathetic understanding to promote a supportive space for collaborative goal setting, empowerment, and client self-efficacy. Her ultimate goal is building confidence and self-love that helps clients recognize challenges as things meant to be mastered rather than avoided.

Christina Protomanni CFHH

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