Drug and Alcohol Addiction Services in Calgary, Alberta

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Centres for Health and Healing rehab and addiction services for clients in Calgary, Alberta

Centres for Health and Healing are leading providers of drug and alcohol rehab in Calgary, Alberta.

We provide personalised addiction and mental health treatment to clients seeking help and support for various issues such as alcoholism, drug addiction, and multiple types of mental illness.

Our addiction and mental health treatment programs are client-focused, meaning we look at the whole picture, not just your addictive symptoms. 

We aim to get to the root cause of your addiction, allowing you to develop healthier coping skills and reframe any difficult experiences or past trauma in a new, more empowering way. 

Co-occurring disorder treatment

It’s common for substance addiction and mental illness to coincide. For example, an individual may suffer from an alcohol use disorder and depression simultaneously.

On the other hand, someone may have an opioid addiction and anxiety disorder at the same time. 

When a substance use disorder and mental health condition coincide, a person may be diagnosed with a co-occurring disorder.

Studies have shown that integrated treatment programs are the most effective and result in better outcomes for clients with co-occurring substance addiction and mental illness.

Personalised addiction programs give clients a much better chance at lasting sobriety and recovery as they focus on the addictive symptoms and underlying mental health issues that may have caused a person to abuse substances in the first place.

To learn more about our co-occurring disorder treatment, contact our centre for further advice and support.

Drug and alcohol addiction treatment in Calgary, Alberta

Our multidisciplinary team of professionals provides personalised mental health and addiction treatment to clients in Calgary, Alberta. 

Furthermore, our treatment programs are customised to suit each person’s unique needs, goals, and preferences; we know that each individual has had unique life experiences that have brought them to our centre.

Therefore, we understand that our clients require a unique recovery plan based on their history, needs, personal experiences, and goals.

No one thing causes addiction, and no single treatment cures it. 

Addiction (in any form) is a complex disease and often requires multiple treatment approaches to help clients achieve lasting abstinence and mental wellness.

Our approach

Because of the complex nature of alcohol and drug addiction, a successful treatment plan requires a combination of different therapies and approaches to help clients achieve the best recovery outcomes.

Our multidisciplinary team provides a safe, compassionate environment for clients, staffed with passionate, knowledgeable professionals made up of counsellors, psychotherapists, nurses, and healthcare staff to help you get the most out of treatment.

Professional addiction treatment in Calgary, Alberta

Centres for Health and Healing adopt various therapeutic approaches to alcohol and drug addiction treatment, including:

Drug and alcohol rehab services

We provide individualised treatment to clients with various types of substance addictions and mental health issues.

Our alcohol and drug rehab services effectively treat the following addictions:

Medical detox

In addition to the above treatments, Centres for Health and Healing provides a fully comprehensive treatment facility specialising in medical detox management to clients in Calgary, Alberta, and surrounding regions.

Our medical detox program is delivered within a clinical environment under complete medical supervision and guidance from our experienced healthcare staff.

Medical detox is often the first step in any addiction treatment program and helps rid your body of toxic substances such as drugs and alcohol.

Throughout your medically assisted detox program, you will be given medication to help reduce withdrawal symptoms, allowing you to manage any severe or uncomfortable symptoms you may experience as your body adjusts to having no alcohol or drugs in its system.   

Contact our friendly team to learn more about our medical detox program.

Focus-based rehab service

Centres for Health and Healing provide a focus-based rehab service that moves away from traditional addiction treatment approaches.

We offer a non-12-step approach to treating substance addiction, as we found that some of the methods used in traditional 12-step treatment models often clash with our client’s core values and beliefs.

Therefore, we are proud that our programs are one-hundred percent mindful mental health based. 

In addition, getting to the root cause of our client’s addiction issues is an essential treatment priority. This approach gives individuals a much better chance at sustaining lasting recovery and well-being after treatment as they continue practising positive stress management and healthy coping skills.

Once we understand why someone may be misusing substances, we can create a comprehensive treatment plan to help them cultivate alternative, healthier coping methods instead of relying on unhelpful or destructive patterns such as drinking or drug-taking.

Rehab services you can trust

Centres for Health and Healing provides a retreat-style residential facility, offering clients a safe, welcoming space to recover and reflect on how far they have come in their healing journey.

Outdoor spaces

Our stunning outdoor spaces provide the following:

  • A private and peaceful environment that encourages you to relax, reflect and recover.
  • The opportunity to rejuvenate and heal in calming, natural surroundings.
  • A private gated entrance to ensure your safety and confidentiality during treatment.

Throughout treatment, you can enjoy our centre’s stunning outdoor spaces, including a shaded lakeside gazebo, wooden jetty, and majestic woodlands set across a hundred acres of well-tended grounds surrounded by sweeping lawns and mature plants.

Recovery can be helped with fresh air, sunshine, and lots of physical activity, all available at Centres for Health and Healing.

Drug and alcohol rehab treatment at Centres for Health and Healing

We take your life seriously at Centres for Health and Healing.

With our proven treatment programs and professional, compassionate staff, we can help you address any underlying mental health issues and tap into your true potential while developing healthier coping habits to help you understand and manage any intense cravings and urges that may arise during and after treatment.

We provide personalised addiction treatment to clients in Calgary, Alberta (and surrounding areas), helping them overcome their mental health and addiction issues and live a life of good health, freedom, and fulfilment.

Aftercare and support programs

Our aftercare and support programs help clients stay on track with their recovery after completing an addiction program at our centre. 

These supportive measures help reinforce the vital principles learned during treatment, such as modifying negative thoughts and emotions, thus replacing them with healthier thinking patterns, and practising relapse prevention strategies, allowing those in recovery to be part of a sober community.

To learn more about our drug and alcohol rehab services in Calgary, Alberta, contact our specialist team today for further information and support.

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