The cost of drug and alcohol rehab in Toronto

The cost of drug and alcohol rehab in Ontario - Centres for Health and Healing

If you or a loved one struggles with addiction, you may be wondering: How much does rehab cost in Toronto?

The decision to seek drug or alcohol rehabilitation can be an intimidating one if you’re not aware of the difference in treatment options and the cost of each different treatment option. We’ve compiled this guide on all the aspects of rehabilitation costs to make this process simpler for you and your loved ones.

Different types of rehabilitation treatment

The first thing that plays into the cost is the difference in treatments. “Rehab” is a broad term and because of this, one price can’t be applied to all treatments.

Different types of treatment include support groups, halfway houses, counselling and treatment facilities. Someone with a substance or behavioural addiction can seek rehabilitation through a free community support group or pay more money to be treated in a luxury, high-quality treatment centre. Different rehab methods will have different costs.

Rehabilitation is available for struggles such as:

Behavioural addictions require different treatments than substance addiction, which is why an addiction plan should be personalized.

This guide will help you understand the different rehab programs that are available and the price tag for every type of treatment.

Since the term “rehab” covers so many treatment options, this guide seeks to help you understand why some options cost more money and the benefits of choosing one option over another.

The price difference in Toronto rehab programs

The cost of a private rehab facility is obviously going to look different than another rehabilitation program. But even still the cost can vary between different private rehab facilities. The price difference is a result of differences in resources and the quality of care provided. A rehab facility with private rooms and numerous amenities will likely have a higher cost than a facility that uses shared living quarters and doesn’t have as many amenities for patients.

Another factor that might affect the cost of the rehab facility is the number of staff at the rehab and the amount of education and training that the staff have received.

Overall, the quality of resources and dedication to patient care is a big factor in determining the cost of rehab in Toronto.


When choosing a rehab facility for any treatment, it’s important to consider what the resources of the facility are that play into the cost.

Resources of a rehab facility could range from a gymnasium to meet in for group each week to a private room in a private, scenic and serene retreat, with no outside distractions and recreational resources such as pools, gourmet food and exercise facilities.

The latter facility will obviously be a higher cost because of the vast resources available to patients.

Staff’s educational level and quality of care:

Another factor in the price of a rehab facility is the staff’s level of education, along with the amount of personal attention given to guests.

An example of a lower-cost facility with lower levels of education and attention might look like: someone with little to no educational or professional background leading a group session and offering no individual, one-on-one time with patients

On the other hand, a higher cost rehab centre might offer:

Clearly, there is a wide range of care that can be provided depending on the treatment facility. The cost will of the rehab program reflects the level of care.

Does rehab cost money in Canada?

Unfortunately, it costs money to attend a rehab treatment program in Toronto or anywhere else in Canada. In terms of addiction and mental health treatment, there is a severe lack of funding and resources available for mental health treatment and drug and alcohol treatment.

There are a limited number of publicly funded rehab facilities in Canada, but because there are so few, there’s a long waitlist to attend. Additionally, many of these publicly funded facilities don’t have an abundance of resources because of the lack of overall funding.

The cost of the best rehab treatment

Because drug and alcohol addiction/abuse need to be treated urgently, you can’t afford to waste time on a waitlist. Therefore, many people end up choosing private rehab facilities.

Additionally, it’s important that you know you’ll receive quality treatment. When looking for a rehab, you want to look for the best addiction treatment centres in Toronto. Though because the best rehabs have access to the highest-quality resources and treatment programs, there is often a higher cost associated with these facilities.

When comparing the cost of a high-quality rehab facility, these are the factors you should look for:

  • Type of treatment
  • Treatment method
  • Mental health treatment
  • Treatment, not just detox
  • A high-quality team of staff
  • Length of treatment

Type of treatment

When making the important decision to recover from drugs and alcohol it’s equally as important to weigh your treatment options.

A lot of rehab facilities offer outpatient rehab and inpatient treatment with different costs.

Outpatient rehab is rehabilitation that takes place outside of a centre. The treatment for outpatient is done in the patient’s home. While this may be more cost-effective, it doesn’t account for distractions. The benefit of inpatient is that the patient has the luxury of recovering without distractions. Though outpatient care can be effective if the patient has already successfully completed an inpatient program and is receiving outpatient aftercare.

Inpatient is the other option for drug or alcohol rehabilitation. During inpatient, patients are protected from the outside triggers and influences that could get in the way of a successful recovery.

One other factor that would affect the cost of inpatient rehab cost is the length of the stay. Essentially, the cost of the rehab is partially based on the severity of the addiction, as severer cases would require longer stays.

How important is the environment of a rehab?

How important is the environment of a rehab - Centres for Health and Healing

In terms of rehab, you will likely get what you pay for. Government rehab facilities have the tendency to be more hospital-like. In these facilities, it can be easy for patients to get lost in the crowd and feel like just a number. Without the proper funding and attention to detail at government facilities, there seems to be a lack of quality care and compassion.

On the other hand, private rehabs and luxury treatment centres tend to be located in beautiful, serene environments that promote relaxation, recovery and focus on the individual.

In terms of rehabilitation treatment, Canada has been behind. Many treatment facilities solely utilize group therapy treatment. There are very few rehabs in Canada that put care and attention into individual recovery. Focusing on an individual’s behaviours is so important for healing and promoting lasting recovery, though there are few facilities that do this.

That’s why it’s often better to spend the extra money to get quality treatment. That way you can be confident that the recovery will last, and you won’t have to worry about spending money going back to treatment repeatedly.

Do your research!

Pay attention to false advertising. Some facilities may advertise that they offer one-on-one treatment, but most of these rehabs will only give patients one session every week with a therapist during the 30-day stay. Or some centres may claim to have many sessions a week, but these sessions are led by addiction counsellors and not registered therapists. There is a huge difference between the two and their ability to effectively help a patient recover.

Lifelong recoveries focuses on more than just the addiction

For effective, lifelong recovery, therapists need to treat the underlying issues of drug and alcohol addiction. Mental Health Treatment is essential in recovery. Focusing on the mental health and mental mindfulness of a patient helps achieve lasting recovery. This is also why it’s so important to find a rehab with individual counselling and consistent counselling throughout the rehab program.


Aftercare support is essential to a lasting recovery. Recovery is a continuous process, and aftercare helps this process even after inpatient care is completed.

A good aftercare support program should consist of:

  • a realistic self-management plan
  • a medical plan to help support physical health and manage symptoms
  • a relapse protection plan
  • continued therapy or counselling needs
  • a stable support network

Medical detox in addition to treatment

Medical detox in addition to treatment - Centres for Health and Healing

A program that provides detox with no actual treatment is a big red flag. In order for recovery to be possible, proper treatment is essential. Medically supervised detox is the first step in a treatment program but should always be followed up with proper treatment by a trained professional.

What other factors affect the cost of drug or alcohol rehab in Toronto?

Length of Stay – Some rehab facilities will have 30-day or 45-day treatment programs, etc., while others go week by week. The length of the stay will have a factor in the cost.

Quality of Staff – As mentioned previously, high-quality treatment staff will cost more. For a successful treatment, look for a program with registered therapists, not addiction counsellors. The staff needs to be well equipped to administer individual treatment as well. Always do your research on the kind of treatment being provided by the staff.

Consider all of these factors when looking at the price of rehab

It’s important that you know what goes into the cost of a rehab facility when choosing a treatment program. Higher quality programs will have higher price tags, but in the end, that is the cost of a successful, lifelong recovery.

When choosing an alcohol or drug rehab in Toronto, be aware of all these factors.

  • Resources
  • Quality of Staff
  • Length of Stay
  • Access to Quality Mental Health Treatment
  • Privacy
  • Individual Therapy Sessions
  • Psychology-based Therapy
  • Aftercare Support
  • Type of Treatment
  • Environment

Public vs. Private rehab

We’ve established that there are very few public rehab facilities in Canada. And because of this, there is a long waitlist, and with recovery, time is of the essence. Additionally, public facilities often don’t have the same resources, amenities and attention to care as good private rehabs do.

This is why oftentimes it is worth it for you or your loved one to seek private rehab treatment for an effective, lifelong recovery.

What does the cost of private rehab centres cost in Toronto?

Rehab treatment costs are dependent on several factors as established previously.

But if you want a rough estimate on the cost, rehabs that offer limited evidence-based care charge about $600 per day. Rehab facilities with more resources will have a higher price tag for obvious reasons. The average cost could be anywhere from $600 to $1200 per day for private inpatient treatment in a high-quality, evidence-based treatment centre.

In some cases, health insurance can be used to partially cover the cost of treatment.

It’s best to talk to a rehab facility’s representative to get an exact estimate on the cost of treatment at a rehab centre. And as mentioned before, always do your research on a facility. A good treatment program will have all the resources and care mentioned above.

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