Addiction treatment and recovery in Toronto: Why we put your mental health first

Addiction treatment in Ontario - Centres for Health and Healing

Taking the first steps towards addiction recovery is never easy.

However, recovery can be more than just a concept discussed in therapy or amongst friends and family with the right treatment approach and surroundings.

It is possible for sustainable healing to become a reality.

Treatment centres

At Centres for Health and Healing, we understand the various components involved in addiction recovery.

We believe that one thing that sets us apart from other addiction treatment centres is our holistic approach to mental health and addiction disorders.

Whole-body treatment

Our treatment methods involve treating the whole – body instead of just a set of symptoms, meaning that we treat not only your condition but explore what may have caused you to turn to substance abuse or other forms of addiction.

Emotional trauma

Emotional trauma is often at the heart of addiction, whether drug and alcohol dependency or behavioural addiction such as gambling or gaming.

Our specialists will work with you to unpack any negative beliefs or self-destructive behaviours that may be holding you back in life.

Thus, allowing you to break free from the grip of addiction and become the best version of yourself.

Residential treatment

Primarily, Centres for Health and Healing is a retreat-style residential facility.

Our rehab centre offers a safe and comfortable space for patients, providing a welcoming ambience for recovery.

Safety and privacy

Your safety and privacy are our top priority, and our gated entrance helps keep the property safe and secure.

Indoor spaces

We believe that your recovery journey from substance use involves many different elements, from feeling safe to enjoy some of the home comforts that are not always present in some addiction treatment centres.

Our beautiful Georgian-style house offers a calm, relaxing atmosphere, which feels more like a private home than a clinical facility.

Our consulting rooms are decorated in warm wood panelling, with natural lighting and cozy fireplaces to give it that extra homely feel.


A monumental aspect of substance use recovery involves eating well-balanced nutritious meals and engaging in physical exercise.


You can also take advantage of our 110-acre lawn with woodlands, majestic plants, and endless green lawns, a perfect oasis for recovery.

Outdoor spaces

Substance abuse recovery can be encouraged with fresh air, sunshine, and physical activity. 

Our patients also enjoy our stunning gardens during their stay at our treatment centre in Toronto.

Treatment options

Depending on your addiction, whether it be drug and alcohol or other health issues such as burnout or depression, our treatment options are individualized to suit your needs.

Who we help

Our addiction treatment centre offers various treatments for a range of mental health issues, including:

Why we put your mental health first

Mental health treatment in Ontario - Centres for Health and Healing

At Centres for Health and Healing, we recognize that addiction-related disorders are usually the result of other underlying mental health issues, such as anxiety, depression, and trauma.

Self – medicating

It can be tempting to self-medicate when confronted with anxious thoughts and feelings.

Indeed, numbing your emotions through alcohol, drugs, or even compulsive shopping or gambling behaviours may seem attractive.

However, engaging in destructive behaviours such as substance abuse only worsens the problem. 

In addition, prolonged substance abuse may result in the individual getting faced with yet more issues in the long run.

Mental health treatment

Our holistic approach to addiction recovery includes a tailored, comprehensive treatment program that treats the addiction symptoms while addressing the root cause.

How we help

Our specialist team has gotten trained in all aspects of substance addiction and mental health disorders.

Furthermore, Centres for Health and Healing offer the following treatments:

Aftercare and support

One of the most pivotal aspects of addiction recovery is the aftercare and support you receive once you leave an addiction treatment centre.

At Centres for Health and Healing, we provide a thorough aftercare and support service to all our patients to prevent them from relapsing in the future.

Relapse rates

Unfortunately, relapse rates post-addiction treatment are profoundly high.

For example, alcohol and opiate addictions alone exhibit high relapse rates (more than 80 percent) among individuals who receive behavioural treatments.

Aftercare support program

Without targeted intervention and follow-up, a person is at higher risk of relapsing in the future.

Therefore, drug and alcohol treatment programs must offer all patients a rigorous aftercare support program.

Aftercare at Centres for Health and Healing

At Centres for Health and Healing, our mission is to provide our clients with an opportunity to be part of a sober community in a safe and familiar environment.

Such an approach allows our patients to stay on track with their long-term recovery while giving them a sense of belonging and community.

Support groups and services

Support groups are invaluable to those in recovery since people can engage with others who can understand and relate to their experiences and daily challenges.

The above allows our patients to discuss ways to stay sober and prevent relapse and achieve a fulfilling life with goals, meaningful connections, and a sense of purpose.

Essentially, the goal is to achieve a life that is far, far away from drug and alcohol dependency.

Holistic healing

Our specialist team focuses on every aspect of your recovery that may have led to suffering, from finding the root cause of addiction to discovering the most effective way to heal each person.

Management team

Our management team ensures the safety and comfort of all our patients throughout their recovery journey from withdrawal management, therapy, detox, and outpatient follow-up.

Family participation

We believe that family participation is an integral component of your healing.

Thus, we often include family members, friends, and loved ones to help you transition toward recovery.

The healing journey is primarily centred around connection; this involves connecting to the self, family, friends, and the wider community.

Addiction damages the human connection

Addiction damages human connection - Centres for Health and Healing

Often, drug and alcohol addiction obliterates human connection, making it seem impossible for a person to reach out and get the support they require.

Thus, maintaining healthy, fulfilling relationships is a massive aspect of addiction recovery.

Essentially, healing cannot take place in isolation.

We draw on every resource possible at our facilities to help you maintain a connection to yourself and your loved ones’.

How to get help

If you or someone you know is struggling with substance addiction, please contact a specialist at our centre who can help.

You can contact our clinic by phone or email, whichever method of communication you prefer.

Either way, we are always on hand to help.

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