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CFHH saved my brothers life

CFHH saved my brothers life. The staff went above and beyond before, during, and after his graduation to ensure that he was doing well. They did a great job at staying in touch with our family, and giving us the opportunity to visit and hang out with him. There were also very informative sessions available with other families with how we can help our loved ones, and educational resources to help us understand the addictions or mental health illness better.

The center offers comprehensive classes that really helped my brother how to own his story and really lean into his struggles, and celebrate his accomplishments.

The facility is beautiful inside and out, the staff is well educated and very helpful.

Shannon Differ

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My daughter would not be alive if it wasn’t for CFHH staff

I want to start by thanking the facility so much, I am beyond words for everything CFHH did for my daughter. My daughter would not be alive if it wasn’t for CFHH staff. This was her 3rd private treatment facility she went to, she did 30 days, 60 day program and another 60 day program…. she would stay clean and sober for a couple weeks than it was back to her ways. I felt so conquered, and knew it was a matter of time before I got the phone call that she had overdosed somewhere and was gone.

She stayed at CFHH for 90 days, the staff did not give up on her, they didn’t give up on us. I can not thank them enough for giving me my daughter back, alive, mentally in such a great head space. She has a new outlook on life and for the first time ever she has goals and drive. We still keep in contact and she is apart of their aftercare program.

Thank you thank you! You guys are amazing.

Jennifer Carson

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I owe everything to CFHH

Yes this Centre does have an amazing property but this place is so much more then that. All of the staff from the counsellor’s to the chef are amazing people, every single person there is so caring and determined to help you overcome whatever you are in their care for. The program really helped me discover the tools I needed to apply to my life to finally be able to feel like myself again. I can’t thank you guys enough!!! I owe everything to CFHH and I look forward to the journey of life this centre has afforded me!!!!!

Cindy Leyes

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CFHH and that amazing staff gave me back my family

For a long time I didn’t understand what my son was going through endless nights of fighting over the same thing, I really thought we would never have any type of relationship. When we both finally came to the conclusion that he needed help we took our time to find the best centre suited for his needs, after a long search we where recommended to check out CFHH and without sounding cliche the rest is history lol not only did my son get everything we could’ve ever wished for from a rehab facility but my wife and I also got so much knowledge on how to help him and ourselves going forward.

CFHH and that amazing staff gave me back my family which ill never be able to repay them for, so I’m writing this hoping that this post will give a family like mine with tons of questions hope that the answers are out there, and CFHH is as good as any place to find them.

Stewart Hillier

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