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Intensive Online Outpatient Recovery & Mental Wellness

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Intensive online outpatient recovery & mental wellness

The road to recovery can be a long one.

For those in treatment, experiencing an improvement in their symptoms and overall health makes the (often) challenging journey to wellness a lot more worthwhile.

The goal of outpatient treatment programs is to help you maintain your recovery through various treatment therapies and outpatient support.

Whether you’re being treated for an addiction or other mental health disorder, outpatient support is vital to help you maintain wellness and avoid future relapse.

Outpatient rehab

Leaving an addiction treatment facility is not the end of the story. Instead, it’s the beginning of a new one.

Positive, long-lasting change requires constant work, which can be challenging. But rest -assured, you are not alone.

Our specialist staff at Centres for Health and Healing ensure that each person receives an individualised treatment program with outpatient support and follow-up, which are just some of the core aspects of recovery. 

Please speak to a team member today to learn more about our outpatient treatment support program.

The benefits of outpatient programs

Outpatient programs provide immense value to those in recovery.

Whether you are recovering from a substance use disorder or other mental health condition, outpatient treatment has various advantages over other therapies.

For example, outpatient treatment helps you learn to cope with daily stressors while managing your mental health.

Depending on the severity of your condition and other factors, treatment may vary from short-term counselling to longer, more intensive treatment plans.

Who is suitable for outpatient treatment?

Unlike inpatient treatment, people receiving outpatient support can continue with their daily lives while being treated.

One of the critical differences between outpatient and inpatient treatment is that outpatients can continue with work, family, and social responsibilities while learning healthy coping skills and cultivating a solid connection to their support system.

Patients who benefit most from outpatient treatment are usually fully independent and have a strong network of family, friends, and community support.

Treatments available in outpatient support

Various treatments are available to those in outpatient support.

Mental health services may vary depending on your condition and other factors. 

However, the type of treatments offered in outpatient support typically include the following:

Education and Awareness

As well as the treatments mentioned, some rehabilitation centres may provide alcohol education awareness and other information to help patients and families understand the complexities of addiction and mental health.

Getting family members involved in a loved one’s care can make all the difference to treatment outcomes – especially once a person leaves the safety of a rehab facility to resume daily life.

Continuing outpatient support is vital to treatment outcomes and can help patients avoid future relapses and manage their symptoms.

Outpatient treatment

We are with you every step of the way, even after you’ve passed through CFHH’s doors. 

Let us help you complete your recovery on your terms. You can do this by joining our intensive online outpatient recovery program.

Here, we can help you to maintain your sobriety and mental wellness, allowing you to live the healthy, fulfilling life you always imagined. 

Contact our friendly team for further advice and support on our intensive online outpatient recovery program.

Therapeutic programs at Centres for Health and Healing

We offer four, eight, and twelve-week online therapeutic addiction and behavioural change treatment programs at Centres for Health and Healing. 

Our treatment program includes the following:

  • Secure and confidential virtual sessions with certified telemedicine addiction or mental health clinicians (morning or afternoon).
  • Four-hour sessions on three non-consecutive days (usually Monday, Wednesday, and Friday), including weekly group therapy, life skills, and relapse prevention coaching and intervention strategies.  
  • Two alternating days (Tuesday and Thursday) of self-paced online multimedia self-care and practice of real-world life skills.
  • Twice weekly one-on-one counselling and therapy with a licensed addiction counsellor or counselling therapist.
  • Two years of after-treatment for relapse prevention and rescue support.
  • The use of CRA+ Voucher (reinforcement approach with regular sobriety or harm-reduction reporting for accountability) for community-based treatment and recovery maintenance.

After-treatment and recovery support: the core benefits 

Ongoing care for mental wellness and access to VSpa experience resources

At Centres for Health and Healing, we offer comprehensive after-treatment and recovery support programs that provide unlimited access to live or on-demand LIFEskills 2.0 multimedia resources.

In addition, we offer complimentary check-in consultations to tune up recovery, allowing you to maintain sobriety and emotional wellness during and after treatment.

Virtual treatment programs

We offer various virtual treatment programs that can help you learn healthy coping mechanisms and better understand your triggers while receiving continued support in the community.

Our virtual treatment programs include the following:

Four or eight-week virtual treatment, which will enable you to:

12-week virtual treatment, which will enable you to:

Please speak to a specialist at Centres for Health and Healing for more information on our virtual treatment programs.

Interventions in brief

Substitution maintenance therapy (SMT therapy) 

Based on cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), rational emotive behaviour therapy (REBT), family system, narrative, and music therapy, our substitution maintenance therapy (SMT) involves a combination of various approaches to help you achieve and sustain recovery.

In addition to motivational coaching, SMT provides effective, client-centred substance use disorder treatment and community reinforcement. 

Self-care therapies and adaptive life-skills coaching

The promotion of lifelong adaptive learning is vital for responsive resiliency. 

In addition, understanding and engaging in self-care practices is imperative to your physical and psychological well-being.

Without these skills, it can be challenging to recognise the warning signs of burnout, depression, anxiety, substance use, and other disorders.

One thing Covid-19 has taught us is the ability to cope with life’s unexpected stressors. 

Adaptive life-skills coaching enables you to expand your knowledge and awareness of wellness practices and good mental health management while adjusting to stressors more healthily.

Relapse prevention planning

To avoid relapses and to promote a continued recovery, structured and adaptive relapse prevention planning is required. 

Please speak to one of our specialists to learn more about our relapse prevention program.


At Centres for Health and Healing, our multidisciplinary team diagnoses and treats various addictions and mental health disorders.

Our core clinical service areas include

  • Mind, body, and mental health wellness.
  • Addictive behavioural change through counselling and coaching.
  • Recovery from substance use, abuse, and chemical dependency.
  • Abstinence or harm reduction maintenance. 
  • Anxiety, depression, and other mood disorder case management. 
  • Suicidal thinking or behavioural disorder interventions.
  • Ongoing weekly therapeutic group therapies.

If you are concerned about your mental health (or someone you know), now is the time to begin your journey to lasting wellness and recovery.

Please speak to a friendly team member to learn more about our outpatient support program.

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